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Got a new puppy or struggling to stay on your feet during walks or even just looking to learn something new with your dog we may be able to help you. As an experienced dog trainer in the north east we work using the most up to date ethical dog training methods supporting you and your dog.   1:1 sessions give you a full hour of individualised help with your dog we will also leave you with stuff to continue to work on when we go

Learning and training is not just for puppies, dogs have the ability to learn their whole lives

We believe in using force free ethical methods to get the best out of your dog

These methods will make your dog want to keep learning, building a really positive association using whatever motivates your dog, building your relationship and your dogs confidence. 

Every session is individualised to what you want to work on and how your dog learns as dog training is not one size fits all.

Small Strokes
Small Strokes

1 session £25

3 sessions £70

Pawsitive Basics

Loose lead walking, recall, general manners around the house and on walks, polite play, boundaries. polite toy play and much more


Pawsitive Pups 

Simple positions, confidence on walks, recall, loose lead walking, puppy mouthing. polite toy play, socialisation and much more

Pawsitive Rescue

Boundaries in the home, loose lead walking, introductions to new people and dogs, confidence in new environments , crate training and much more

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