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Behaviour consultations


Struggling with your dogs behaviour, as a dog behaviourist in the North East we may be able to help.

I am pre-certified clinical animal behaviour meaning you can be assured you will receive the best support using the most up to date methods

On initial assessment we will aim to make a full assessment of your dog behaviours. We will then set out an individualised training plan not just for your dog but also we aim to be able to fit the plan into your lifestyle too.

At Pawsitive Steps we work on vet referral. This ensures that you dog has no under lying health conditions that may be affecting their behaviour before we implement a behaviour plan

Changing a dogs behaviour does not happen overnight and we know you may discover many bumps in the road. Having Pawsitive Steps support for 6 months after the initial consultation means we are here to support you. 

What we can help with anything including: Dog reactivity, Separation anxiety, reactivity towards people, resource guarding, fear and anxiety issues.

If you are unsure if your dog needs a behaviour consultation get in touch and we would be more than happy to advise 

Small Strokes
Small Strokes

Price: £250


Initial behaviour consultation

Full written behaviour report with a plan for you to follow 

6 months follow on support via email or phone

2 further 1 hour practical sessions within the 6 months 

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